GE 6.66Kw Solar System

GE 6.66Kw Solar System

Paired with Canadian Solar Panel – The GEP 5-10kW is the ultimate solution to cater for the residential segment’s rising expectations. This powerful single-phase model boasts 3 MPPT for maximum power retention and absolute minimum power loss. With a startup voltage of only 80V, this superior, intelligently efficient inverter is specifically designed to harness solar power from sunrise to sunset regardless of irradiation and weather conditions. Extra reflections from the backside of bifacial panels drive the inverter to its maximum capacity and un-leash its full potential of 200% DC oversizing, allowing for up to 110% AC overloading. All these features intelligently packed into a light-weight model for a comfortable installation.

Features & Performance
Maximum power retention for minimal power loss
Elegant Inverter design
10 Year Inverter Warranty
Smart Shadow scan
Superior Efficiency
25 Year Panel Warranty
6.66kW system paired with 5kW GE Inverter
18 x 370w Canadian panels

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