GoodWe 5Kw Solar System

GoodWe 5Kw Solar System

Paired with Canadian Solar Panels – GoodWe’s 5kw in the DNS Series is a durable, compact single-phase on-grid inverter. It comes with comprehensive software, premium hardware technolog, and a built-in anti-reverse function so you can control the amount of power exported to the grid,

Manufactured under the top modern industrial standards to ensure its durability and longevity, the 5kW offers high efficiency and class-leading functionality. Crafted with IP65 dustproofing and waterproofing it also has a fan-less, low-noise design. Not only is it 30% lighter than other products on the market, but it is also compatible with high power and bi-facial modules, which ensures more solar power absorption and makes it more productive, so it always keeps up with the market trends.

Goodwe are committed not just to a green more sustainable future but also to providing innovative products that are affordable and reliable.

Features & Performance
Start Up Voltage @ 80v Harness Solar Power from Sunrise to Sunset
10 Year Inverter Warranty
25 Year Panel Warranty
6.66kW system paired with 5kW Goodwe Inverter
18 x 370w Canadian panels

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