Hotflo Electric Hot Water Storage 160L

Hotflo Electric Hot Water Storage 160L

Manufactured in Australia, Rinnai’s 160L Hotflo Electric Hot Water Storage is a remarkable tank with the ability to supply hot water for 4-5 people making it a perfect solution for medium sized families. The flexible installation options make it ideal for replacing an existing unit or a brand-new installation with minimal changeover costs. It’s also incredibly versatile with the ability to be used internally or externally and the option for slim or compact models.

The Vitreous Enamel lined steel tank is durable and designed to last as well as being thermostatically controlled with a safety temperature shut off feature so you can have peace of mind. An inbuilt anode protection extends the life of the tank and Rinnai are so confident in its durability that they offer a 10-year cylinder warranty.

Features & Performance
Australian Manufactured
Flexible installation options
Perfect for medium sized families
10 year cylinder warranty
W incl PTR Valve:

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