Large Capacity Gas Storage 175L

Large Capacity Gas Storage 175L

Rinnai’s 170L Large Capacity Gas Storage system can deliver generous amounts hot water to multiple outlets without loss of pressure, guaranteeing you always have hot water on hand. It also has optimised gas consumption which reduces energy usage without compromising on performance or safety. This means it not only reduces household running costs but protects the environment with its smaller carbon footprint.

It’s a durable Vitreous Enamel lined steel tank that boasts an impressive 4-star energy rating. Available in both Natural and Propane Gas, its fast recovery system means its first hour delivery capacity is up to 257 litres and an inbuilt anode protection extends the life of the tank.

All of Rinnai’s premium quality products have been designed to be highly efficient, innovative, and durable which is why they have been leaders in the industry for over 45 years.

Features & Performance
4 Star energy rating*
First hour delivery capacity – 257 litres
Vitreous Enamel lined steel tank
8 year cylinder warranty

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