Sunmaster Flat Plate System 215L 1 Collector

Sunmaster Flat Plate System 215L 1 Collector

Rinnai’s Flat Plate Solar System are a cost effective solar hot water system that consist of a ground mounted storage tank that is installed separately to the collectors mounted on the roof. A small pump circulates the water from the cylinder through to the collectors to absorb the maximum available solar energy. There’s no need to reinforce your roof structure and the system has minimal impact on the aesthetics of your roofline.

Features & Performance
Cost Effective Vitreous Enamel Tanks
Highly Efficient Aluminium Fin Solar Collectors
Collectors and Tank Can Be Installed Separately 20L Booster, 26L Booster or 32L Booster
Collector W:
Collector L:
Collector D:
Tank H:
Tank W:
Tank D:

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