Sunmaster Flat Plate System 215L 2 Collectors

Sunmaster Flat Plate System 215L 2 Collectors

Rinnai’s Sunmaster Flat Plate System 215L with 2 Collectors consists of a cost-effective ground mounted storage tank and highly efficient aluminium fin solar collectors. They can be installed separately and there’s no need to reinforce your roof for the collectors. A small pump circulates the water from the cylinder through to the collectors in order to absorb the maximum available solar energy. For average usage this system is suitable for 6 people or with high usage it is suitable for 4 people. Rinnai are a leading company in the solar industry and always design their products with the highest efficiency and environment in mind.

Features & Performance
Cost effective Vitreous Enamel tanks
Highly efficient aluminium fin solar collectors
Collectors and tank can be installed separately 20L booster, 26L booster or 32L booster
Collector W:
Collector L:
Collector D:
Tank H:
Tank W:
Tank D:

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